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About Taoism and the meaning of the Tao

Taoism is Full of Meaning and Wisdom
Taoism (pronounced "Dow-ism") is one of China's oldest religions. The Tao literally means "way or path". It is often translated as "The Way of all things". Taoism is full of meaning and wisdom. Although Taoism's basis is mystical, its relation to life is practical. Ancient Taoists in search of immortality are credited with many medical and scientific discoveries. The Chinese culture and arts have been deeply influenced by Taoist thought. Below is information on the Tao and its relationship to artists. (Enjoy paintings with the Tao influence by clicking on the gallery at left.)

Taoism has inspired many artists through the ages. Taoists painting, with its own character and style, has been practiced over the centuries. Most Taoist artists painted from visions they sketched before they put paint brush to paper. Just as the Taoist believes nature is encouraged to thrive without interference, the Taoist artist believes he should paint spontaneously from spirit of nature and the inspiration will follow. The gods we see in Taoist paintings are not real beings, but celestial images that put a face on the Tao. In Taoist Chinese paintings, yin and yang harmony inspired balance. The "Chi" as well as yin and yang were an integral part of traditional Taoist Chinese painting. The Taoist artist used a mixture of water and soluble pigment to make opaque or transparent colors. This Taoist painting technique changed little over time. Many of the Taoists artists were commissioned to paint for temples. Some artists were well known but most preferred anonymity.

The Han Collection is excited to present works of beautiful Chinese paintings with the Taoism influence.

The Han Collection ships original Chinese paintings and art, please email us to discuss shipping options.

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